What is Cyber and why is it crucial?

In recent years the topic of cyber has broken out into our life.
Does cyberspace mean anything to you?
Can you grasp its meaning?
How can you prevent a cyber-attack aimed at you?
All this and more – in the outstanding lectures of Avner Ben Efraim

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About Us

AB-Sec Cyber-lectures and Information Security is a company specialized in lectures on the matter. Our CEO, Avner Ben-Efraim, has special expertise in accessibility of the topic to all – hence complicated issues, become easily clear. The lectures themselves are filed with examples and amusing videos, demonstrating the fact that serious issues can be easily understood.

Cyber Lectures

• The Good the Bad and the Worst -trends in the cyber world in 2013 – where is the world headed.
• Cyber Terror – how does this affect our everyday lives.
• Computer's Crimes & Cybercrime - how it works.
Information Security Lectures

• Information Security as a Culture.
• The Internal Threat – preventing workers in the organization to exploit the system weakness
• Information Security threats – how to protect the firm & yourself
Internet and Social Networking Lectures

• The Hole in the Web – how to protect your personal information.
• Modern threats – who keeps me safe and who maintains my data.
• Privacy Protection – is it possible in the modern age?